We love to see students GO!

Student Mission Project

Student Mission Project is all about students supporting students for International Missions. SMP is an extension of Harvest Now Camp that is promoted and supported by the students, for students. Each year the students at HNCamp raise the money to send one of their own on a trip of a lifetime. 

True Vision Ministries is pleased to be able to provide a partnership with International Mission Groups, students and their families for the purpose of providing support for the international Student Missions Projects. This is an exciting opportunity for us at TVM to support, and invest in Christ seeking students with growing in their faith and having a life changing opportunity.

We are searching for servant hearted and mature candidates that are seeking a deeper desire in being the hands and feet of Jesus. Student Mission Project is an opportunity for Junior and Senior high school students to serve people in the United States or abroad in a foreign country.  The ultimate goal of the Student Mission Project is to disciple high school students and provide a unique environment of spiritual growth.

If you have questions about how you can be a participant in Student Mission Project and have the opportunity of serving along side people who love being the hands and feet of Jesus, click the button below.  

Imagine what change could come in not only your friend’s life but also the lives they will get to touch during this project. 

It’s an incredible benefit to GO, and to learn, love, and minister to those who don’t know the heart of Jesus.

Brianna Miller, Student Mission Project participant
Brianna Miller - Student Mission Project

Student Mission Project participant 2017 - Brianna Miller

Harvest Now Student Camp has been apart of my life basically every since I invited Jesus into my heart. I can definitely say that God has used this camp, students and staff to mature and deepen my relationship with Jesus beyond what I could have imagined. It was the leaders of Harvest Now Camp that modeled and taught me the importance of serving. From the first time I went, I knew that I loved mission work and every year after that love and desire to do more grew. At Harvest Now 2016 I signed up for Student Mission Project and was chosen to go on my first international mission to Honduras which changed my life forever.

One thing that I was consumed with at Honduras was the truth of how blessed and abundantly provided for we are. I realized how much I take for granted and how guilty I am of being blind to all that we have. Not only do we have an excess amount of material things, but we also have so much in things like camp, teams of spiritual leaders and mentors to guide us, and people to pour out their love on us. At Honduras I met many children and teens who didn't have any of that. I met two boys names Edwin and Louis who didn't have family, a home, or even shoes. But one thing that they did have was joy. Even though we spoke different languages, the smile in their eyes spoke volumes to my heart. They taught me that even when we have nothing to call our own, we still have God and that is ALL that we need. There are many other memories and people from that little village in Honduras that I will remember forever. Through Student Mission Project, God gave me an opportunity to show Jesus to the people of Honduras and serve them. And in turn He used them to change my heart as well. God took each of our stories that week and made spiritual connections that won't be forgotten. Before going to Honduras I thought that I knew all I needed to know about Gods love, compassion, grace, and provision. But now I know that my understanding of Him will never be deep enough. Our mission trip to Honduras definitely won't be my last, but I know it's one I won't forget. Thanks to Student Mission Project and the leaders allowing God to use them, I know that I have been called. I've been called to go and to serve. I can't wait to see where God leads me next.

Brianna Miller - SMP2017