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Join the TVM  Team

Are you interested in ministry, working with Gospel minded people, and have compassion to serve others? At True Vision ministries we are an effective, growing outreach that is seeking like minded, creative, non-perfect people who want and understand grace to come grow with us. We are offering an opportunity to be a part of something greater than ourselves to those who will join us in our goal to come alongside the local church, communities and beyond to bring the hope, love and truth of the Gospel. There are many ways to get involved, and gain valuable knowledge and experience in a specific area related to your field of interest whether it be through the TVM staff intern program, camp staff, worship & creative teams, or missional leadership. With this incredible hands-on experience comes the beauty of building relationships: relationships with the team you will be serving on, the community you will be serving in, and the churches you will be serving with. You will be humbled by the responsibility, challenged by the tasks in front of you, and grow deeper in your faith.


TVM Staff Intern Program (Formerly Jr Staff)

We are searching for servant-hearted, mature, young emerging leaders that are Junior or Senior in High School as candidates to come alongside our awesome staff for a 6 month program designed just for you.

This program will give you an opportunity to grow in your faith, learn spiritual preparation for many phases of ministry planning, and use your gifts for the kingdom. The internship program is an exciting hands-on experience in which participants have full access to serve at Harvest Now Camp, Winter Session Conference, Missions & Outreach, and all TVM events. Our goal is to invest in you to see you grow in your relationship with Christ through discipleship coaching and learning effective ministry fundamentals that will benefit you for a lifetime!

For more information on how to apply speak to our intern director. Please click the Interested button below, tell us a little about why you’re interested in the program, and we will email you an application. We would love to hear from you!


Camp Staff

Being a Harvest Now Camp staff is probably the most challenging, yet rewarding task on the planet! This internship program will give you many opportunities to live out your faith in an incredibly tangible way. Camp is one week, full of ways to share just how incredible our God is and the ways He has changed your life. There are many areas and functions of camp staff, and you can be part of this life changing outreach. The camp staff internship consist of various individual responsabilities from team leaders, mission leaders, cafeteria, counselors, team building and many more.

As a camp staffer you will be directly connected to the TVM staff, students and youth leaders. Through these interactions and conversations, you will seek out and desire to learn more about the God you know and serve. You will see students’ lives changed, and yours as well, as everyone grows into a deeper understanding of God, who loves us unconditionally.

For more information and to speak to our camp director, please click the Interested button below, and tell us a little of why you’re interested in the program. We would love to hear from you!


Worship & Creative Team

The Worship & Creative Team internship gives you the opportunity to be involved in the planning process of worship for all TVM events, all while gaining a better understanding of what it means to serve in ministry. As a worship & creative team intern you’ll get to see what it’s like to spiritually prepare for a worship experience from the ground up, prepare stage design, creative media sets and evening programming each night, as well as facilitate worship for multiple age and denomination church groups. Although this program will be challenging, you can expect to see tangible growth, and a developed idea of what it means to be a leader in ministry.

For more information and to speak to our intern director, please click the Interested button below, and tell us a little of why you’re interested in the program. We would love to hear from you!


Missional Leadership Intern

An internship in Missional Leadership goes far beyond planning and leading mission trips at True Vision. By choosing this program you are choosing to learn what it truly means to serve others as Jesus did. Whether you are experienced or not, your journey will be filled with unique opportunities to gain leadership experience that will allow you to succeed in whatever your future career may be. While gaining these valuable leadership skills, your efforts will lead to creating a platform so others can experience Christ in radical ways and communities see sustainable change happen.

This internship not only gives you the opportunity to learn the model of servant leadership, but to apply it in a tangible way as well. Each mission opportunity comes with a high degree of responsibility whether you’re coordinating, planning preparation tasks, community engagement activities or overseeing the logistics of each trip. Through your successes and failures, you will learn what it takes to become a great leader.

For more information and to speak to our intern director, please click the Interested button below, and tell us a little of why you're interested in the program. We would love to hear from you!


Whether you are pursuing TVM staff program, camp staff, worship & creative team, or missions, the experience you receive from this internship opportunity will be building blocks of your faith and set you apart in your future ministry career. As an intern at any capacity at TVM, you will be placed and developed in a leadership role, with specific responsibilities, while being mentored and coached as you learn and grow. With this experience, we are confident that you will learn effective discipleship and leadership qualities that will impact your faith and ministry for a lifetime.

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